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The value of gold (XAU) at this moment, as of 9:33 am, is INR 4,296 per gram of 24 karat gold. It was up 0.13% at yesterday's close at INR 4,290, down by 0.96% Last week, it was down 4.42% from one month in the past.

The value of 52-week gold is INR 4,591 while the lowest value of gold in 52 weeks is INR 4,268.

The value of a gram of 22 karat gold is INR 3935.

Gold Price Now in India

Gold ROI

Should You Buy a Gram of Gold 24 karat is currently worth INR 4,296 and you buy it in 10 years at an average annual return rate of 10%, you will earn approximately INR 7,380 from a curiosity of 11,675, assuming doubling day by day.

If you want to start investing in gold digitally, there are only a few ways to take action. Digital gold is a technology where you will be able to spend money on yellow steel in small portions anytime and anywhere with easy digital entry of the commodity. Consider the odds that you will owe taxes on any useful property that you understand.

Gold is worth over time

The value of 24 karat gold is 0.13% higher than yesterday's closing value. In total, the value of gold increased in 12 months. But over the past 90 days, it has fallen to its current value. The value of gold at the moment is according to the base half common value of 12 months of INR 4,296 per gram of 24 karat.

The value of gold The above information is provided by Zyla Labs, which sources asset value information from a variety of sources. This gold value represents the average costs of spot gold on a number of major metal exchanges.

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