The Water Authority sends notifications to customers of the revised tax fee

City residents have started receiving demand notifications with the revised water and wastewater tax fee for the base semi-annual interval ending this month.

Fee revision is based on Chennai's largest property tax review. “We take 7% of the annual tax value approved by the GCC countries as a water tax annually. Of this, 3.5% is collected over the current 12-month half,” said an official from the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Board. Beginning to customers in core areas over the past few days.While some residents felt there was a nominal tax improvement, a few other residents in incorporated areas reported confusion in calculating adjusted fees.

V Rajgopal, a resident of Anna Nagar Western Extension, stated that there is a marginal improvement in the tax fee this time. The council should fix the digital water meters and calculate the fee based on consumption. This can help with water usage.

Some residents, however, need additional readability to access the new charges.J. Satish, a resident of Siminshire, stated that the amount was excessive in the compact areas as it was but that it had to be provided with water and sewer connections.

Board officials stated that residents may calculate fees on the website based on the rental value Mostly annual. Additionally, those without water/sewage connections would have to pay the fee as these were part of the property tax.

Cost Options

There are approximately 14 lakh property appraisals across the city. 50% of them pay taxes online. The board has been working on online service providers to deal with this insanity. “We plan to show the QR code on the counters. This may allow customers to scan and pay instantly. An official said our workers could participate in a door-to-door assortment of the system. The board of directors plans to launch a UPI cost portal within two or three months.”

The Board of Directors hopes to generate additional online income of around Rs 60 crore during the first half of this 12-month cash month. It collects around Rs 700 crore in taxes and charges for every 12 months.


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