Theater and cinema can be two completely different mediums but when you mix them up you get a very unfamiliar format

Gajraj Rao has worked on a number of platforms from cinema to OTT and has won many awards. However, as an actor, he is always on the lookout for a completely new problem, and Teleplay from Zee Theater 'Gunehgaar' provided him with a perfect alternative for playing a truly unfamiliar role. He says that the psychological thriller woven around three protagonists has actually piqued his curiosity and offers, “I always find it refreshing to work in tales where the characters are a bit unexpected and defy stereotypes. Plus, I find the premise of the challenge very compelling because it's so compelling suspense and has a shocking ending.”

In “Gunehgaar,” Gajraj Rao performs a character with an obscure precedent. And an amazing secret he won't share until the end. Working in teleplay was additionally a whole new experience for Rao and he says, “Maybe theater and cinema are two completely different mediums but once you mix them you get a really unfamiliar format. Working with director Akarsh Khurrana was also very nice because he understands movies and theater right. I am glad Because Zee Theater produces tales like “Gunehgaar” that deserve a wider audience.” This story makes you wonder about the future, human nature, anger, crime, punishment, and those means of justice. My characters lead the story forward in a really weird and disturbing way. Jajraj Rao says, “Whether he looks like an aggressor or suffers, viewers should look out for him.

Directed by Akarsh Khurana, as well as stars Shweta Basu Prasad and named Vyas and will be broadcast on Tata Play Theatre. and Dish TV, D2H Rangmanch, and Airtel Theater.

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