TN to ban the sale of cow dung paste to stop suicide: Ma Su

Reporters have reported that Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam has created a profile among several individuals and as of August 31, as many as 86.82 thousand individuals have benefited for the first time and currently Rs 1.72 crore complying with the treatment process.

In the meantime as per the orders of the Prime Minister, up to 9 new major welfare centers have been set up in Tiruvarur district with an estimated price of Rs 2.13 crore.

While a list to fill 4,308 vacancies has been referred to the Medical Recruitment Board which mostly relies on up to 237 individuals the appointment order has been handed over by the Prime Minister in the last week. “By October, all the prevailing vacancies can be filled,” the minister emphasized. of Cowdung energy available in the market. He noted that the sale of rat paste could be managed. Jama B Gayathri Krishnan, Co-Director (Primary Health Care Centers) Dr. Suresh, Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. Joseph Raj and others accompanied the Minister. Beneficiaries.

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