Toddler kidnapping messages on social media, Mumbai police say; People are being asked to watch out for rumours

Mumbai Police said on Monday that the information circulating on social media of children kidnapped from several elements of the city was fake and asked people not to consider rumors about this.

The information that the youths have been kidnapped from districts like HDIL Kohinoor, Kanjurmarg, BMC Vikhroli College and Ghatkopar is still circulating on social media, but these are all fake, stated Prashant Kadam, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Seventh District).

Senior officers visited the sites we talked about inside the messages, searched for details and complaints, and determined all of these were bogus and revealing that the alarm was triggered, DCP added.


“Individuals should not consider such messages, audio clips and many more. Mahesh Reddy of District X DCP Mahesh Reddy said an alert was obtained on Sunday of a man in his twenties abducting a 10-year-old boy and taking him to Andheri, but immediate investigation, CCTV verification and conversations with residents and shopkeepers within the neighborhood proved they were fake.

Another official mentioned an audio clip. From Powai has a lady who claims that three young men have been kidnapped from a college, but the administration there has given a condition to the police that no such incident has occurred.

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