Union minister slams Nitish Kumar as 'manmade fertilizer disaster' in Bihar

PATNA : On his way to Bihar, Federal State Minister for Fertilizer Bhagwanth Khoba on Friday accused the Nitish Kumar authorities of creating a man-made fertilizer disaster within the state. Regardless of what the center offers, it is sufficient and popular.

In a press conference on the state’s BJP workplace, Khoba also accused Nitish Kumar and his party, Janata Dal United, of betraying the mandate of the NDA powers within the state. This is “in keeping with his dishonest nature of others for private survival and ambition even at the cost of pushing the state into the 'jungle of Raj' but again” as was evident in Begusaray, the minister said, referring to the incident in the second place. Gunmen killed one person and wounded 9 others.

“However (Nitesh Kumar) must not try to mislead the farmers for whom Narendra Modi authorities are constantly working. , DAP, NPK, etc. For the benefit of farmers, not for black hoarders and businessmen to get money from unreal disaster. “Distribution requires the cooperation of state authorities.” In addition, officers are directed annually to educate farmers that fertilizers The subsidies are available to them.” “If the fertilizer project is left to the middlemen and the mafia, then the farmers will bear.”

BJP chief cited the latest confirmation by Bihar Cooperation Minister Surendra Yadav, who said, “He admitted The truth of advertising, marketing and black hoarding.” He was dealing with trouble shopping for subsidized fertilizers. “I am also a farmer. I got a bag of urea the first time, but the second time my application was rejected,” Yadav said. Simply days ago, Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh stated that the state farm division “was stuffed with thieves.” To know the time regarding the availability and availability of fertilizers for each state, Together with Bihar.

“Regardless of issues with global incomes and rising costs, the center has kept providing the old value and farmers should get the benefits. Fertilizer subsidies nearly doubled to 2.5 crore in 12 months from 1.29 crores of Rs. This was implemented to avoid wasting farmers from the extra burden, but in-state black advertising and marketing is detrimental to them. If the problem is in Bihar, then the state authorities should try to adjust it appropriately and never resort to blaming others”. On various grades of fertilizers to fertilizer companies on the basis of total sales by retailers to beneficiaries. All subsidized fertilizers are sold to farmers/ Beneficiaries are via Point of Sale (PoS) tools placed in each retailer and beneficiaries are identified by Aadhaar Card, Kisan Point Credit Card, Voter ID Card, etc.

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