Unused flights grounded at Chennai Airport will be dismantled

Chennai: The city airport, on Wednesday, started procedures to dismantle and eliminate abandoned planes that had taken over the area in the parking lots for a number of previous years. .

Airport sources stated that there are 12 scrap planes belonging to NEPC Airways, Jet Airways and Kingfisher airways that have been parked within the Gulf over the past few years without being eliminated after the airways closed.

In 2021, 4 NEPC and Jet Airways aircraft were dismantled and items were destroyed without affecting the setup. Work was done under the supervision of the Income Department. A number of months have been cleared on the past two Kingfisher Airways and now the remaining five Kingfisher Airways are likely to be cleared.

The sources stated that it is possible that the aircraft will be dismantled and that the engines and various items that can be reused can be safely saved and exported to international countries.

Officers are currently calculating the estimated value of aircraft items and once all things have been done they are likely to be disassembled and taken out. Airport sources stated that eliminating these planes will provide additional parking space inside the bay and the actions of birds will decrease because birds form nests in the unused plane.


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