Vermont delays ratification of key election results | know how

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The ratification of last week's major elections in Vermont was postponed due to a technical condition, the Secretary of State submitted to the workplace on Tuesday.

The state and federal elections were expected to take place on Tuesday.

The Secretary of State's workplace stated that the state programs contractor was unable to resolve the case of the know-how affecting the workplace's potential to provide studies of votes Provided by city and capital clerks.

The method is separate from the official counting of ballot papers and the original certificate by city clerks, mentioning the place of business, including that Delay does the impression of being 100% confident in the accuracy of the vote totals reported by city employees.

“The mission of the Secretary of State is to provide safe and proper elections. The workplace will at all times stop delaying to ensure the integrity and confidence of results when they are authorized.” As stated in the workplace advertisement.

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