Vernon Gonsalves' plea for bail will be heard on September 16

The NIA court file will hear the release on bail of activist Vernon Gonsalves on September 16 while he continues to receive oxygen assistance at the state-run JJ Hospital.

the master. Gonsalves, 67, the defendant in the Bhima Koregaon case filed for medical bail earlier in the NIA court schedule last week after he had a week-long high fever. He was admitted to the hospital on September 8 and is currently being treated for dengue fever.

Attorney Larsen Furtado gave an affidavit on September 7, 2022 after visiting the Taluja Central Prison on the spot Mr. Gonsalves was introduced after his arrest on August 28, 2018. They were anxious to express their concerns about the deteriorating condition of Mr. Gonsalves. Mr. Gorkh told me that although Mr. Gonçalves' health had become visibly unhealthy, he was given only paracetamol and antibiotic tablets. Mr. Gorakh and the co-accused insisted that Mr. Gonsalves be taken to JJ Hospital for a proper examination, but he was not transferred until his condition had deteriorated to the point where he could hardly walk or breathe properly. Mr. Ferreira noted that Mr. Gonçalves was inside the prison hospital and was carrying oxygen masks.”

According to Mr. Dawley, on August 30, Mr. Gonçalves had a fever and cough. When the visiting doctor was informed of this, he gave him Three days of paracetamol and erythromycin without being analyzed.;Then the next day, he was finally taken to the prison hospital where the doctor, Dr. Chavan gave him an injection, adjusted the antibiotics and was sent back to the barracks.On September 3, since the fever did not go down, He became very weak and complained of nausea and dizziness, the doctor again adjusted his medication again.Even then no tests were done.The next day, there was no drop in his temperature, and again he was given an injection by the hospital doctor. However, no examinations were carried out.On September 5, after the warden Mr. Dawley learned that Mr. Gonsalves' fever and cough had not come down, he was taken to the prison hospital for some examinations; but since there was no one to perform these examinations, he was sent again to the barracks by saying he could have dengue K or typhoid. The next day, he had his blood tested for malaria and had high blood pressure. After Mr. Gonsalves asked prison officers with folded arms to take him to the state-run JJ Hospital, he was moved in a wheelchair because he could not walk. As a substitute for his acceptance, he was sent back to his barracks at 10:30 p.m.,” Mr. Dhawale was a knowledgeable defender of Furtado.

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