VIBGYOR ties the offender with flying colors

Recently, M / s. Eduspark Worldwide Personal Restricted (Eduspark) represented by R Ok Dewan & Co. , profitable in obtaining a provisional injunction in opposition to infringers of their trademark infringement “VIBGYOR”.

“VIBGYOR” is a widely known university chain operated by Eduspark, which offers high quality training from Play college to the largest Secondary. In 2004, VIBGYOR Primary College was arranged in Goregaon, Mumbai. Currently, Eduspark under its registered brand ‘VIBGYOR’ operates more than 39 colleges in 7 states and 14 cities in India – Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Kalyan, Bengoluru, Navi Mumbai, Indore, Nashik, Mangaluru, Lucknow, Vadodara, Coimbatore and in NCR along with Gurugram.

VIBGYOR Institutions education methodologies focus on a vibrant mix of traditional classrooms blended with intensive services, modem teaching methodologies and a variety of extracurricular procedures, just as a few social and cultural events and special related events, which It guarantees a comprehensive strategy for the evolution and overall progress of scientists. By using a deceptive/semi-identical tag “” and was promoting infringing copies of academic books by specifying the area.

RO K. Dewan & Associates on behalf of Eduspark approached an excessive courtroom in Delhi, leading to a trademark infringement restriction . The Honorable Court Chamber Order of 23.08.2022 granted a one-sided temporary injunction, restricting Laxmi's restricted personal publications and finding that the mark “” was just as disingenuous as The registered trademark of Eduspark “VIBGYOR”.

The courtroom was happy to appoint a local commissioner to search and charge everyone for the infringing “VIBGYOR” branded merchandise/items along with any packing materials, stickers, blocks, molds, and many more. Make a matching list.

The original commissioner efficiently conducted investigations on 29.08.2022 and cost 2,216 infringing books/material marked “”.

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