Wehouse aims to be a one-stop shop for all home building needs

Housing renovation and construction in India is a challenging project, due to the unregulated nature of the business. Each step, from thought to completion, requires careful planning and execution.

WeHouse , Hyderabad-based startup, aims to simplify the way building Home and renovation with the proliferation of mass building service providers. The startup, integrated by Sribad Nandiraj (Founder and CEO) and Rohan Reddy (COO), started its operations in 2019 .

The way it started

Sribad and Rohan were former classmates. For too long, they have been striving to build an organization that might simplify life. A possibility emerged here in 2013, when Rohan and his family were seeking to renovate their home. Sripad and Rohan collectively acquired to rule the development market, the raw supplies required, and the distributors involved. The parts required are reminiscent of labor, uncooked supplies, and various assets. This gave a start to the idea of ​​an organization that might simplify the course of development by collectively bringing together all the entities involved in building a house.

Sripad and Rohan took the leap into debt and stopped their full-time jobs to start “Hocomoco”, which later gave an option to select “Wehouse” to invoke a higher model.

Total Service Providers

Wehouse is a technology-enabled assembly platform that allows customers to build their properties from scratch by simply By connecting them to people within the construction work. Authorized permissions.

The startup path includes defining consumer desires and pricing, setting up conferences, carrying out assignments, monitoring, and last sourcing.

Wehouse has associated with manufacturers in the construction business to ensure a simplified transition of assets through the supply chain. It has partnered with around 1000 building supplies suppliers.

Sribad says the company operates on a four-pronged motto of transparency, time saving, monitoring and knowledge adoption. “This allows the superior quality of the initiatives and the supply of the challenge to be maintained on schedule.”

The founder says the startup is attracting a plan with a correct schedule and estimating the workforce up front, in order to get the challenge done on time.

Site know-how

Knowledge frameworks and network providers play a vital function within the areas of buyer management, materials management, and vendor management.

“With the help of technology, we move away from brochure errors and ensure that money and time can be saved. Chain availability can also be made simpler, which means no wastage of fabric and efficient use of pure assets,” says Sribad.

Transparency and Monitoring

Wehouse offers an electronic monitoring feature that allows customers to check online to see how far side Combined with their work and the way a lot of materials are used. In addition, it ensures the client a secure location for the challenge with monitoring to prevent theft and injury and updates clients with photos and films of the work in progress.

“We guarantee our clients access to all documentation, on-site surveillance cameras, and detailed weekly stories. Customers can simply talk to all the groups that remind us of design, challenge management and financing. They will also use the Q&A feature on our platform to see how the challenge is progressing,” says Sribad.

Every challenge that Wehouse helps goes through more than 200 high-quality checks; the founder says there are high-quality sieves at every checkpoint. For example, cubes made of plates are sent to a lab to judge their energy.

Initiatives in Hyderabad and Chennai

The startup has completed more than 200 initiatives in Hyderabad and more than 400 initiatives are underway in Hyderabad and Chennai.

The company says it has completed 1 million square feet of built area to date.According to the founder, certifies Wehouse platform Demanding over 75,000 guests per month 5 lakh sq ft by March 2023 The startup says it has done about 120 initiatives within the city.

Income model

Development Challenge Management contributes 50% to Wehouse income, Procurement Management accounts for 30% and Interior Design Initiatives contribute 20%.

Start-up expenses Operating 1,599 rupees per square foot in Hyderabad and 1,900 rupees per square foot in Ch Yanai, depending on labor prices, material prices and land costs.

Every time a buyer chooses supplies through Wehouse, the startup gets a fee from the development materials company.

Wehouse says it saw income progress by 295% in FY 2019-20, 482% in FY 2020-2021, and 363% in FY 2021-2022. He initiates an income of Rs 120 crore by the top 12 months, with a progression of 620%.

Development Market

According to GlobalData, the Indian construction market was valued at US$609.6 billion in 2021 It is expected to succeed with an average annual progression rate of over 6% throughout the period 2023-2026.

Home building services sector has many players mentioning RHUMBIX, Livspace and

HomeLane .


The founders of Wehouse invested Rs 5 lakh from their own financial savings to boot up the startup.

In May 2022, Wehouse Received $1 Million in Pre-series Football from Anthill Ventures and a group of angel traders to improve the knowledge platform, leasing and scaling. The startup plans to quickly close another area of ​​funding. In addition, it plans to enter into strategic partnerships with 500 utilities by March 2023.

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