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Technology neck often known as text content neck is a standard problem nowadays due to the excessive use of mobile phones and sedentary functions that require sitting in front of screens for hours. It usually starts with discomfort in the neck and shoulder area and again. It may also cause stabbing pain, complications, neck stiffness, jaw pain, or numbness in the arms and legs. This condition is caused by an awkward neck posture that puts pressure on the cervical spine and supporting muscle tissue. When you bend your neck forward to look at the monitor screen or cell phone for a long time, it results in this posture. (Also Learn: The Common Posture Mistakes We All Make; How You Can Fit in a Serious Posture)

Research has confirmed that bending the neck forward by 15 levels puts about 12.5 kg of extra weight on our neck. This will increase to 16kg at 30 levels and 27.2kg at 60 levels of neck flexion. This results in a vital reinforcement within the load on the cervical spine making it vulnerable to minor accidents as well as major accidents. Impact on the joints and cervical spine.

“Cervical intervertebral discs and lateral joints; Because of the irregular fixed position and better loading; It leads to early disc degeneration and arthritis of the lateral joints often called cervical spondylosis. “These adjustments are irreversible and sometimes progressive,” says Dr. Harshal Bump, Consultant and Global Spine Surgeon Hospital, Baril Mumbai. You have to be sure that to take advantage of the display in the looking stage, as well as take breaks between working and stretching your muscle tissue.

1. Proper Posture and Proper Ergonomics

Ensure correct ergonomics at work as well as use the display all the time. The rule of thumb of “chin parallel down” should adjust most of the posture points. Using stands, laptops, and arranging desktop computers in the looking stage can be the most ergonomic adjustments people like.

2. Relaxation and Intermittent Stretching

No matter what postural corrections and ergonomics we look at, static stretching leads to muscle strain and thus causes neck pain and degeneration One best guess is to interrupt the postural cycle Single place stretching Intermittent relaxation in an inclined position to relieve the burden of moving the head on the neck proves its effectiveness In addition, the intermittent stretching exercises enhance blood supply to the muscles, maintain muscle tone and reduce muscle fatigue.

3. Strengthening muscle energy

The trapezius muscle and pectoral shoulder muscle tissue are dynamic stabilizers for the neck. These provide powerful assistance to the cervical spine. Improving their energy and maintaining good muscle tone has been confirmed to delay degeneration as well To strengthen the neck marks.

4. Final and But not the least – changing the angle

Reduce dependence on the tool, inculcate spirited lifestyle modifications and a holistically good weight loss program that helps your spine and physique. These mods are angles and character tweaks, require effort, yet can be surefire ways to protect your spine and physique.

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