Working on early take-off from Bornia Airport: nitech

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday stated that the state authorities are making every effort to develop a highway to connect the upcoming civilian enclave at the Indian Air Force (IAF) Airport in Purnia from the nearest highway. )

“We were inspecting the challenge. “Work is underway to create a hyperlink highway.” After Union Housing Minister Amit Shah confirmed in a city rally on Sept. 23.

Shah had stated that the civilian enclave at Chonnapur Air Force Station, 10 kilometers from Purnia city, was approx. He claimed that it may benefit residents of 12 districts within the state, who will not have to go to Bagdogra or Patna to take a flight to get to Delhi or Mumbai.

However, the ruling House Speaker in JD said in a tweet: “Even the land tenure for the civilian enclave is on track here. A civilian enclave or station has been accomplished but.”

The civilian enclave is a space designated in an airport belonging to the armed forces for the display of civil air carriers.

On March 10 this year, the then Purnia District Magistrate Rahul Kumar tweeted, “I am pleased to share that our ongoing efforts for Purnia Airport have finally paid off for now. Patna's excessive file in court locking up all seven pending cases to the collector's court schedule for disposal. We will now be ready for the required land very quickly,” Kumar wrote on Twitter, expressing the hope that this might pave the best way to develop the civil enclave at Chonpur air compressor station. .

The method of construction of the civil terminals at IAF-operated Behata and Purnia airports in Bihar started at the same time and the Airport Authority of India (AAI) had requested the required land from the state authorities for each task.

In the case of Purnia, the AAI alleged that the state authorities had only submitted a “Letter of Confirmation” to the AAI regarding the highway connection between the civilian enclave with the expressway, due to the method of delivery from the land could not be accomplished.

The status of the Confirmation Letter was not immediately clear.

In 2016, the AAI requested 50 acres of land from state authorities, as well as a “Letter of Confirmation” about the highway connection, for a civilian jeep event at the Purnia atmospheric pressure station. The Purnia pressure station stated, “The handover of land to AAI is steadily pending as the state authorities have only provided a 'letter of confirmation' to AAI regarding the connection of the four-lane highways from the civil station to the motorway.”

Male Rs 150 crore launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Etihad to develop civil enclave has been lying with AAI since 2015.

) In 2012, on the initiative of the then Wing Commander at Chonnapur Air Compression Station, Vishwajit Kumar, airlines started between Purnia, Patna, Purnia and Kolkata. However, it was discontinued after 12 months. .

Chonnapur atmospheric pressure station came to here after the Indochina war in 1963 and in 1976 civil airlines were launched, but were discontinued two years later in 1978. )

However, the The flight launched from Purnia in 1956, but was held up for a similar 12-month period.

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