ZEE Theater broadcasts “Gunehgaar”

New Delhi, September 15 (UNI) Zee Theater is set to broadcast its new Teleplay “Gunehgaar”, starring Gajraj Rao, Shweta Basu Prasad and Sumeet Vyas, on September 24.

This shady crime and punishment drama revolves around the lives of three main characters – a journalist, a policeman and an ordinary man.

Directed by Akarsh Khurana, 'Gunehgaar' features versatile actor Jagraj Rao, dazzling stunner Shweta Basu Prasad and star actor Sumit Vyas in iconic roles.

The manufacturers have also released an attractive and attractive poster that hints at a very interesting narrative.

Speaking of this latest Zee Theater performance, Shilja Kejriwal, Chief Artistic Officer, Special Initiatives, ZEEL, stated, “This play draws from the best traditions of suspense style and illustrates the storytelling of its theatre. The greatest. Presented by Akarsh The Hitchcockian tenor of this story penned by Abhijit Guru and there is a lot of dramatic tension in the way the characters discover the truth about crime, guilt and accountability.” Gunehgaar is an intense entertainer. It is rich in crisp dialogue and the verbal sparring between the characters is one of the things that viewers will enjoy along with the great performances by Jagraj Rao, Shweta Basu Prasad and Sumit Vyas.

Jagraj who is working for the first time on Teleplay, “When Akarsh shared this concept, the story felt so cool to me. Akarsh's hyperlink to theater rules has remained uninterrupted and he is familiar with very easy ways to interpret stage for small show while keeping its nuances intact. I used to do theater in Delhi but after coming to Mumbai, I didn't have the opportunity to take action. This TV is not exactly like a theater gift but it is definitely a worthy TV counterpart. Plus, I've joined here as a result for a few years now, Zee Theater's workforce has been working hard to take the stage to TV viewers. It seemed like a perfect alternative to change into part of a very special experience.”

Being drawn to the complexity of her character, Shweta commented, “What drew me to this TV was my character, the female protagonist. She has a lot of classes for her. It looks powerful, massive and driven. It's hard to form your thoughts about her identity. It was fascinating to discover Mrinalini and its intricacies. “

” What excited me was the treatment given to the whole group and the photo session. At first, I wasn't sure about this because I was working for the first time in teleplay. But when we finished the play, I loved the whole track. Audiences will get a great mix of theater as well as the essence of a digital camera. “The play will definitely get audience reaction,” Sumit added.

'Gunehgaar' will premiere on Tata Play Theater on September 24, Airtel Highlight, DishTV & D2h Rangmanch on September 25.


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