Zero Hour on Flipkart offers smartphones a whopping 1 billion days pre-sale

As the festive buying season is kind of here, it's inevitable that Flipkart will prepare a huge billion-dollar annual sales day. While the sale will continue on September 23rd, there is now a way to purchase merchandise at selling costs even before the sale officially begins. The Zero Hour on Flipkart is your ticket to get the costs of The Massive Billion Days on one of the best smartphones even before the sale period. Moreover, it will additionally give you a chance to win free phones and various prizes. All it is good to do is set up the Flipkart app at 1 PM day in and day out to study more about these units and have the opportunity to purchase these merchandise at the exorbitant costs that can be afforded in the course of the sale. Here's every little thing that's good to know.

What is The Zero Hour on Flipkart?

Flipkart keeps discovering Revolutionary Methods To Reach Its Customers This year, the e-retail platform has created a business presence known as “The Zero Hour”. Nowadays, the model has been linked with notable celebrities like Gadget Guru Rajiv Makhni along with comedians like Rohan Joshi, Mallika Dua, Kenny Sebastian and stars like Ranvijay Singh.

The present had 9 episodes With one smartphone model reveal happening every day at 1pm on Flipkart app. Each of these episodes was 25-30 minutes long and helped fuel the frenzy as customers gained interaction with their favorite celebs, put up their feedback and win stunts across the excitement field gathering. The present additionally gave customers the opportunity to purchase a few of these merchandise on a billion day sale mega value even before Accurate selling start. This provocation gave customers the possibility to buy phones from manufacturers such as Apple, realme, Samsung, Xiaomi, POCO, vivo, OPPO, Motorola and Infinix at the price of days of sale. Earlier than the exact sale.

The Flipkart Zero Hour marketing campaign has been going on since the 8th of September and has already offered customers an incredible possibility to buy their favorite products phones from popular manufacturers that are similar to realme, Motorola, Infinix and OPPO at profitable costs. Within the return days, Zero Hour could focus on revealing the selling costs of phones from POCO, Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and vivo.

When will the mega-billion-day sale last?

Flipkart Massive Billion Days 2022 will go on sale on the 23rd of September, and this is about to go on sale The year brings great deals and discounts on various merchandise during the semester. With exclusive Flipkart initiatives like Flipkart Pay Later, there's no higher place to do holiday buying.

What will be the offers on the Mega Billion Day Sale?

The first thing that is good to know is that Axis Financial and ICICI Financial cardholders will receive 10 % instant cashback on loads of merchandise that can be sold during the massive 1 billion day period. Moreover, Flipkart has already introduced huge discounts on public phones. For example, Nothing Cellphone (1) can be located at a price of Rs 28,999. However, if you want to buy a mobile with a great digital camera, the Google Pixel 6a can be made for Rs 27,499 while on sale.

You can even expect high performances on other best-selling smartphones and may study more about them by watching Zero Hour streams pop up day in and day out.

What offers have been revealed?

All the time The Zero Hour and Flipkart revealed high deals on apple, realme and motorola And Infinix, OPPO, POCO and Xiaomi so far. These include great deals on smartphones similar to moto e40, OPPO K10, realme 9 Professional, Redmi Notice 11 SE, moto g32, Redmi 9i Sport, POCO M5 and much more.

One of the greatest deals to expect while on sale could be the iPhone 13. The phone is claimed to be below 50000 Rs in the course of Flipkart's massive one-billion-day sale. If you are a photo enthusiast, you will be happy to know that the iPhone 13 Professional Max and iPhone 13 Professional can be made for less than Rs 1 lakh and Rs 90,000, respectively, while on sale. However, if you are planning to buy an iPhone model of previous generations, you are nevertheless in luck because Flipkart app means That iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 11 will be under Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,000, respectively, while on sale.

Now that you know every little thing about the mega billion-day sale, it's time to move on To the Flipkart app in your Android or iOS device to set the Flipkart Zero Clock. Who knows, you might be able to grab an early deal on that smartphone you've been looking forward to for so long. higher but likely to win it at no cost. So set alarms or reminders for 1 PM every day to take full advantage of Flipkart Zero Hour. The biggest reveal from Samsung's house, only on The Zero Hour on the Flipkart app.

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